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Dr Penelope Hasking

Dr Penelope Hasking

Dr Penelope Hasking of Curtin University was awarded $579,087 for their NHMRC Ideas Grant project titled:

Improving detection and referral for university students at risk of suicide.

Each year, more than 25% of Australian university students experience suicidal thoughts and behaviours. In this project, we will collect data over multiple time points, and use sophisticated data modelling to identify the students at greatest risk of a suicide attempt. We will then refer these students to the most appropriate support for their specific needs. Getting at-risk students the help they need in a timely manner is essential to reducing suicide rates among vulnerable youth.

In a statement, Dr Hasking explains:

“Receiving the research grant is so important for me because university students tend to be a neglected group when we think about suicide prevention. University can be incredibly stressful, and is often associated with financial, social, relational, and obviously academic pressures. Yet, uni students are less likely to see support when they need it. Higher rates of suicidal behaviour have been noted among university students, and yet the university environment provides an ideal setting in which to implement suicide prevention programs. This funding will allow us to better identify which students are most at risk of future suicidal thoughts and behaviours, and to offer then targeted referral options.”

For more information on the funding opportunities available through the Suicide Prevention Research Fund please visit this page.