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Mrs Josie Povey

Mrs Josie Povey

Mrs Josie Povey of Menzies School of Health Research was awarded $100,000 for their Innovation Research Grant project titled:

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mental Health Initiative for Youth (AIMhi-Y) App and Feasibility Study.

The AIMhi-Y feasibility study will determine the viability of a larger scale clinical trial testing the effectiveness of the AIMhi-Y app in improving wellbeing for youth aged 12-18 years attending multiple regional headspace centres. The newly developed AIMhi-Y App is a self-driven, smartphone app which was co-designed with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth in the Northern Territory (NT), incorporating a universal strengths-based mental health early intervention. Utilising mindfulness-based activities, motivational interviewing and psychoeducation techniques this fun, interactive and informative app aims to promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural and family values, empower young people to make change and improve wellbeing. The app, as a locally developed, culturally appropriate, early intervention strategy which incorporates a holistic view of health, specifically aligns with the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention Strategy.

The research aims to:

  • Inform the clinical trial procedures and instruments in an early intervention clinical service delivery setting (headspace, Darwin) by:
    • Determining appropriateness and feasibility of study instruments, methods and procedures;
    • Determining the degree of use of the AIMhi-Y app by youth participants;
    • Identifying potential protective factors, obtained through AIMhi-Y app completion.

In a statement, Mrs Povey explains:

“This funding allows me to continue to work in a specialist area I am passionate about, with the support of a highly skilled and experienced team. This project maintains strong connections with the local community, has a focus on capacity building and ultimately works toward improved early mental health intervention options for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth.”

For more information on the funding opportunities available through the Suicide Prevention Research Fund please visit this page.