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Mrs Nicola Jamieson

Mrs Nicola Jamieson

Mrs Nicola Jamieson of University of New England was awarded $76,200 for the proposed PhD Scholarship thesis titled:

A war within: Making sense of suicide through narratives with former Australian Defence Force (ADF) Members

Moral injury (MI) is an emerging concept in military research and clinical practice that is quickly gaining traction through its links to shame and suicide, particularly in former Australian Defence Force populations.

The aim of this research is to explore the experiences of former ADF members who have identified with previous suicide ideation, plan and or attempt, and their relationship (if any) with MI and its constructs as told by them.  The research also aims to explore the literature systematically on MI, with a focus on shame and suicide within former ADF communities to help build a bigger picture and increase our understanding. The main objective of the research is to contribute to the emerging body of knowledge regarding early intervention and prevention of suicide behaviour in the ADF community post service.

In a statement, Mrs Jamieson explains:

I am privileged and honoured to receive this scholarship from Suicide Prevention Australia to support this critical piece of qualitative research into veteran suicide from a lived experience perspective.

This research will not only add to the scant research currently available on this topic in Australia, but will also add to the primary agenda’s of both state and commonwealth governments and Suicide Prevention Australia in sharing the voices of those with lived experience of suicidality and ultimately reduce the suicide rate in Australia.”

For more information on the funding opportunities available through the Suicide Prevention Research Fund please visit this page.