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Dr Stephanie Louise

Dr Stephanie Louise

Dr Stephanie Louise was awarded a post-doctoral fellowship for research titled:

An investigation of mindfulness as a therapeutic tool in the prevention of suicide in early psychosis

Dr Louise is a Research Fellow and Clinical Psychologist at Swinburne University of Technology. Her research will focus on the urgent need for innovative therapeutic tools for working with young people experiencing suicidal ideation and behaviour in early psychosis, particularly in mental health settings.

Dr Louise believes the grant is important because it will allow for the development of a mindfulness protocol for suicide prevention.

“Support for the use of a mindfulness-based intervention for suicide prevention in early psychosis would provide clinicians with a new, evidence-based, cost effective tool for treating young Australians,” she said.

Dr Louise was awarded a PhD in Clinical Psychology for her work exploring the use of mindfulness with psychosis and has worked as a clinician within psychiatric hospitals, correctional centres and community health settings. Stephanie has also developed, implemented and evaluated mindfulness interventions for mental illness and staff wellbeing and mental health training both within Australia and internationally. Stephanie is a published researcher with expertise in mindfulness, wellbeing, resilience, neurocognition and severe mental illness. She has also presented on these topics at numerous national and international conferences.

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