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Emily Hielscher

Emily Hielscher – University of Queensland

Emily Hielscher from the University of Queensland was awarded an innovation grant for their research titled ‘Mapping the regional variability of self-harm, suicide attempts and related risk and protective factors in Australian adolescents to inform suicide prevention strategies’.

Researcher Statement:

I am absolutely delighted and honoured to have been awarded this funding. The funding enables our team to conduct the first study on the regional variability of self-harm and suicide attempts, and their related risk and protective factors in Australian adolescents. Urgent action needs to be taken to prevent youth suicides in Australia, and this project is critical to providing evidence that will inform targeted, local youth suicide prevention efforts. We will be combining insights from spatial analyses of national data, and the voice of lived experience. We will be going out to different local communities to hear from young people themselves.


I look forward to working with the A-team of co-investigators based across QIMRB, ANU, and UWA, as well as with Martina and the team at Roses in the Ocean who will help us engage with young people with lived experience. Thank you, SPA, for investing in our vision.