65,000 Reasons: How to get Involved

Friday 10th September is World Suicide Prevention Day, a chance to raise awareness of the prevalence of suicide in our community, continue shining a light on suicide prevention and share support for the people that need it.

#65000reasons to live

Sadly, every year in Australia around 65,000 people attempt suicide, this is a tragedy. To shine a light on this, Suicide Prevention Australia is turning World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10 into a celebration of hope and optimism.

At 10.10am on September 10, we want to flood social media with #65000reasons to live.

To kickstart this, Suicide Prevention Australia is setting up an Instagram account, @65000reasons, dedicated to capturing hopeful stories, beautiful imagery and meaningful dialogue around suicide and mental health. You can share something that has had a profound effect on you or simply a picture of your favourite coastal walk – whatever has meaning for you and why. Reducing stigma and offering hope to those in distress is an important part of this project.

What’s the bigger picture?

This campaign is part of a much wider advocacy campaign we are working on to push for substantial policy reform when it comes to suicide prevention. We have adopted 65,000 reasons as our advocacy platform because it signifies what unites us all, not just within the sector, but also within government and the community more broadly, as the urgent and compelling reason for positive and systemic change. We plan to use this #65000 reasons campaign to further support our advocacy efforts at a political level.

6.5 Steps to Post

  1. Find a picture that captures something meaningful for you
  2. Like the ‘65000reasons’ Instagram page
  3. Tag the picture with @65000reasons
  4. In the copy, articulate your chosen image and why you chose it
  5. Sign off with #65000reasons
  6. At 10.10am AEST on September 10, post your Instagram image or story
      6.5 Schedule your picture so you don’t forget!