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Currently in its pilot phase, The Learning Hub is an ongoing and supported learning-based program for individuals to identify learning needs, fulfil learning goals through access to nationally recognised resources, and apply that learning to suicide prevention.

The platform provides suicide prevention education, training, online courses, videos, research, papers, and webinars along with other learning opportunities.

The Learning Hub includes foundation learning designed for everyone, learning pathways relevant to various roles and priority populations, reflective learning, and communities of practice to help individuals not only access meaningful learning but to apply that in the real world.

Many workplaces have CPR or first-aid programs and in the same way, The Learning Hub provides a solution for workplaces to upskill in suicide prevention.

The Learning Hub Benefits

  • Identify and fill knowledge gaps to improve and extend your suicide prevention knowledge and skill.
  • Access to a national directory of over 130 suicide prevention learning options.
  • Increase knowledge sharing amongst organisations and individuals.
  • Build capacity and capability within your organisation by upskilling staff.
  • Ensure quality and evidence-informed learning options for everyone.

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The ethos of the Learning Hub is sharing between the suicide prevention sector to upskill and improve the knowledge of individuals and organisations. If you have a learning option you would like included, please get in touch.

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Further Information

More information about access fees will be released towards the end of 2023, once The Learning Hub goes live.

From April 2023 until August 2023, The Learning Hub will be in a pilot phase to ensure adequate testing is completed before its launch. Please contact to participate in the pilot phase.

We will be conducting a pilot phase from April 2023 until August 2023. The Learning Hub will officially launch after the pilot.

Created by Suicide Prevention Australia, in collaboration with experts in suicide prevention and suicide prevention training, it provides a place for individuals and organisations to identify learning needs, fulfil learning goals, and apply that learning to suicide prevention.

We are happy to meet via Teams, Zoom, or a phone call to showcase The Learning Hub and discuss how it may benefit your organisation. Please email

To sign up for the pilot, complete the following form, click here, and our team will be in contact.

If you have any questions about The Learning Hub, please contact Suicide Prevention Australia on or phone 02 9262 1130.

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