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Suicide Prevention Australia (SPA) is the peak body for the suicide prevention sector in Australia. SPA works collaboratively to develop a community that knows how to ask for help and how to give help. Few people realise that suicide is a bigger killer than road accidents or skin cancer in Australia. We want to see the number of suicides halve in the next decade. As the lead agency of the National Suicide Prevention Coalition, we build and facilitate partnerships to reduce the stigma around mental illness and suicide, and to assist the healing for people with lived experience of suicide attempts and suicide. Donate now

Community Fundraising

Community fundraising is a great way for individuals and groups anywhere in Australia toget involved in raising awareness of suicide and breaking down the stigma. Social Media – connecting with your community to fundraise! Visit our Everyday Hero page and get started right away. Planning a big event? There are some events that don’t work well exclusively through social media so we’ve created a guide to help you through the process. Please download our community fundraisers booklet which contains all the information you need to get started.