Lived Experience/Knowledge Exchange

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Let’s Talk: Elevating the perspectives of people with lived experience in suicide prevention policy and practice, including Research Translation: The Voice of People with Lived Experience of suicide (VocLE): A consensus study to develop active research involvement guidelines    Sharon Marra-Brown is an accomplished strategy, performance, and evaluation professional, with over a decade of experience working across government and not-for-profit sectors. Her expertise spans health, mental health, and suicide prevention, she has an in-depth understanding of commonwealth and state health systems.  A strong advocate for inclusive, ethical and trauma informed practices, Sharon works closely with people with lived experiences to ensure evaluations reflect the values and perspectives of those who use services. Her collaborative approach involves partnering with clients to deliver evaluations that inform decision-making and drive quality improvement initiatives.  Sharon has managed numerous evaluations across health, mental health and suicide prevention and delivered comprehensive evaluations at both national, and jurisdictional levels, working with government agencies and not-for-profit organisations. Her commitment ot excellence has earned her a reputation as a trusted advisor in the field.  As a queer woman, Sharon brings a valuable perspective to work, championing justice and equality. She leads a brilliant team of professionals dedicated to delivering […]