Events on: September 22, 2022

ProfessionaLE: Working in peer work roles


Some people say that they would like to use their lived experience to connect and support others who may be experiencing suicidal distress. This distress may be as a result of their own experiences with suicidal distress, bereavement or because they may care for someone else. One way those with a LE of suicide can connect is through Peer Work or as a Peer Care Companion. In suicide prevention having a lived experience of suicide, is recognised as an important part of what can contribute to being an effective Peer Worker/Peer Care Companion. Being able to you draw on your own experience of suicide can help to create an environment of shared experience and empower someone else to cope in a similar situation. Join Hayley as she chats with Lindy Zillman about her experience as a Peer Care Companion and Peer Mentor in the area of suicide prevention. In an informal Q&A style session, we will be chatting about building the skills you need for Peer Work that has a Peer Approach and what a peer approach can look like. We will also be talking about the importance of self care, self insight and wellbeing in these working environments. If […]