Stefani Caminiti

Stefani Caminiti is the founder and CEO of The Inner Ninja Foundation. Stefani is an avid mental wellness advocate, counsellor and speaker. Stefani has completed a bachelor’s degree in psychology and counselling and is completing a masters degree in suicidology. Stefani has volunteered and worked within the mental health sector for the past 12 years for various organisations. Stefani was recently appointed as one of the expert advisors on the expert advisory group for the Prime Minister’s National Suicide Prevention advisor Ms Christine Morgan.

Through sharing her lived experience of surviving a suicide attempt, living with depression, generalised anxiety disorder and OCD for most of her life and how she now manages it. Stefani encourages others to seek help and deliver the message of hope. Stefani shares her experiences through the lens of being a new mother, a CEO, an advocate for those whose voices haven’t been heard and a suicide survivor. Stefani’s story has led her to travel the globe and complete speaking tours in the USA.

Stefani believes we all have an inner ninja within us and through self awareness, self acceptance and kindness we can allow our inner ninja to grow. Through education and sharing lived experiences of survival, we can create a contagion of hope and change the culture which surrounds mental illnesses.