2016 Federal Election: Words are not enough. Join us to call for action.

8 June 2016

In just under a month we will be standing at a polling station, having our say on who should be leading our country.
When thinking through your voting decision, we ask that you look to who has made firm commitments to the health and wellbeing of every Australian. Who is standing up for suicide prevention?
In addition to months of numerous meetings in our nation’s capital, we have sent letters to all MPs and candidates, reinforcing the need to stand with us and our members to prevent suicide. I am pleased to report that from almost 750 letters, we are receiving daily statements of commitment and requests for constituent meetings. This tells us that the local drive to build community capacity is ready to be harnessed at a party level.
Today we want to share with you a public manifesto for suicide prevention, to complement the messages shared so far by Mental Health Australia, AA4SP (Action Agenda for Suicide Prevention) and others in the sector.
Most importantly, this document offers the incoming Government a clear path for action to contribute to our shared goal of halving suicides in ten years. We hope that it will also assist members of the public, particularly those with a lived experience of suicide, to continue to advocate for suicide prevention to be seen as a public health priority above political debate.
DOWNLOAD and SHARE the manifesto today.


8 June 2016
Australians are demanding action to prevent suicides. Thousands of lives depend on election promises being translated into sustainable change in Government and community.