Champion for Life: Nyomi's Blue Tie Gala

22 March 2017

After losing her beloved dad to suicide five years ago, Nyomi decided to host a Blue Tie Gala Dinner in his honour, and to reach out to others in similar circumstances. Nyomi raised an incredible $12,588 in support of Suicide Prevention Australia and beyondblue initiatives.

Nyomi says, “There are lots of charities out there speaking about depression, anxiety, substance abuse and many more, but I chose Suicide Prevention Australia as part beneficiary of the funds raised at our event because their aim is to significantly reduce suicides by building a community that knows how to ask for help and how to give help.  Losing my dad to suicide led me to make the choice to support their endeavours.

There were lots of ups and downs with my event, but it was an amazing experience.  This was my first-ever fundraising event and I enjoyed every minute of it.  There were a few times I hit road blocks with businesses turning me down for donations, but overall it was enjoyable and rewarding to organise such a great event in memory of my dad.

The highlight of my experience was sitting back once we’d completed the room set-up and looking at what we’d achieved in the past ten months.  We were so very proud of our achievement and to receive such praise and gratitude for the event from all our guests was just fantastic.

The advice I’d offer to others looking at holding a fundraising event would be to sit down and have a really good think about what you would like to achieve.  Don’t take it lightly. There’s a lot of planning and work involved. Be prepared for rejection, but also delight in the people who go above and beyond for you, because there will be both.  Most of all, make sure you enjoy every part of it. I’d definitely consider doing another event, but maybe not for a few years.”

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