Friday Media Round Up – 23 November

23 November 2012

This Sunday is White Ribbon Day.

Here is a very powerful piece about violence within the family.

Here is the White Ribbon Day website for more information

Police left to fill mental health gaps

The state urgently needs to review the handling of mentally ill people who are in such crisis that police are called to intervene. Too much police time is being spent trying to care for vulnerable people who really require attention from medical specialists who understand their needs

Jobless men at risk of suicide in boom time

An Australian study of unemployment and suicide has shown that jobless men are more likely to take their own lives during times of national economic prosperity

Australian workers are stressed: study

There are millions of stressed workers in Australia and half of them feel uncomfortable talking about mental health with their bosses

Report to help tackle suicide in rural and remote areas

A new report launched by the Minister for Mental Health, Mark Butler, in Adelaide today has found that rural and regional communities face unique challenges in preventing and recovering from suicide