Indigo's Story

30 November 2016

Artist and Champion for Life, Indigo O’Rourke, donated the proceeds of her exhibition of intriguing pen and ink artworks to Suicide Prevention Australia (SPA) in support of suicide reduction.  Her sell-out exhibition – Every Ten Minutes – was designed to “raise awareness and have an honest and sensitive discussion about suicide.”

Indigo’s expansive waterscapes brood over the enormity of this public health epidemic. Each waterscape is from the vantage point where Indigo sat for a while to contemplate life. She visited eight sites in South Eastern Australia to make sketches and field notes and the pool of raw material inspired her Every Ten Minutes series.

Indigo’s drawings touch on the realm of what is passing and momentary. Yet her chosen medium – ink – stubbornly refuses to be erased. Her form is enduring and pervasive, much like the legacy of a life lost.

Indigo’s art combines the concept of site, presence and vanishing. Human life is deliberately and startlingly absent in the artistic reflection on the human condition. She wants the viewer to imagine what is lost and consider the lasting ripple effects for those touched by suicide. Every Ten Minutes seeks to start a naked and honest conversation about the beauty of human life and the destructiveness of its taking for those left behind.

Indigo was very pleasantly surprised by the generosity of donations and says she will definitely undertake further fundraising for suicide prevention in the future.

If you'd like to host your own event or join a sporting event or challenge in support of suicide reduction, please visit our website  - for opportunities for involvement, or you can simply donate here.. For further information or assistance, please contact our Community Relations Coordinator, Gay Black -