Kelly's Story

31 August 2016


“I think people shy away from it, because they don't know how to help, or what to say....awareness is KEY, and helping to raise awareness was the highlight of my fundraising experience. I will definitely fundraise for Suicide Prevention Australia again in the future. Just do it, every little bit helps.” Kelly says.

Earlier this year, Kelly Spencer completed The Age Run Melbourne 2016 10 km run, and raised over $700 for Suicide Prevention Australia.

Kelly’s twin brother’s ex-partner recently suicided in May this year. Kelly’s brother now has three young children to bring up on his own. “My heart breaks for their loss, and the pain which she must have been going through to take her life and leave her three beautiful children”, says Kelly. “I have two children of my own, and I can't understand what she must have been going through mentally to take her life. She was such a bubbly friendly girl with a heart of gold and a deep love for her children. How her life changed so dramatically just showed me how life can take such drastic changes that can rob you of everything you hold dear.” 

Kelly grew up with a mother who suffered depression, ending in alcohol abuse and finally alcoholic dementia (for which she is now in care).

She wanted to do something to help stop others from suffering the pain that her family is feeling.

Through her fundraising experience, Kelly has come to realise just how many people's lives have been touched by suicide…many young adults with their whole lives ahead of them, who see no way out but suicide. She feels that people need to be more open about suicide and depression.

You too can participate in an event or run your own to raise funds and awareness.  Join our Champions for Life.