Lifeline Foundation – Discussion Paper on What Makes Suicide Prevention Strategies Work?

24 May 2013

With the National Mental Health Commission and the COAG Mental Health Reform Working Group giving attention to indicators on suicide prevention for Australia, it is timely to consider what makes suicide prevention strategies work?

And as the SPA Conference 2013 approaches, with its theme Collective Impact: Partners in Prevention it is timely to consider how can individuals, organisations and communities work together?

The Lifeline Foundation hosted a visit in 2012 by Professor Rory O’Connor from University of Stirling, UK, who has been involved in the provision of expert research advice to the Scottish Choose Life strategy, which has resulted in which a 17% reduction in deaths since this it was introduced.

A Discussion Paper from this Roundtable outlines the issues considered, and poses some questions for feedback and comment. The paper is available here.

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