LISTEN: Suicide and young men who are not mentally ill

14 July 2016

Lived Experience Network member and trained speaker Lisa, shares her heartbreaking story of suicide loss with journalist Ginger Gorman as part of the ABC RN Life Matters program on suicide and young men.

"Melbourne woman Lisa is a mother and a teacher, who, with her husband Richard, had two boys. (They’ve asked that their surname be withheld.) In 2011, as his year 12 was finishing and his HSC exams approached, their eldest son, Elliot, died by suicide. Journalist Ginger Gorman has written on the topic of suicide amongst young men who are NOT mentally ill , and she sat down with Lisa to record an interview about that dreadful day, and its aftermath. As Lisa explains, their life was very normal, their parenting was very loving and caring, yet their son still took his own life, leaving behind him a thousand unanswered questions."

Thanks also to SPA Director from Lifeline Alan Woodward and Martin Fisk from Menslink for their thoughts and guidance.

Please take care when listening as it may bring up tough emotions. Reach out to a trusted family member/friend or one of our partners if you need to talk about how you're feeling.

Find out more about the Suicide Prevention Australia Lived Experience Network and Suicide Prevention Lived Experience Speakers Bureau run with our partners Roses in the Ocean.

Image: Elliot in Year 9​