Peak body sets out national suicide prevention plan needs for Government

22 March 2017

Research released by Suicide Prevention Australia (SPA) Member Lifeline today revealed more than 80% of Australians support the development of a National Suicide Prevention Plan.

SPA Chief Executive Officer, Sue Murray, said of the study findings “With ABS data showing us that that there has been a 43% rise in suicide deaths in ten years, we commend our colleagues from Lifeline for sharing the call from everyday Australians to put a plan in place to stop this heartbreaking increase.”

“To address suicide as a serious public health issue we must invest in a national plan that stays true to regional delivery and person centred care. It must be coupled with national leadership and a focus on quality through evaluation and accountability. This national plan must be mandated by a National Suicide Prevention Act and success measured by a National Office for Suicide Prevention.”

There has been unprecedented political support for suicide prevention in recent months, most notably public and private investment in innovative suicide prevention trials, regional suicide prevention through Primary Health Networks and consultation on the Draft Fifth National Mental Health Plan. Suicide Prevention Australia wants to ensure community sector voices from across the country are heard when it comes to implementation of reforms.

The peak body has brought together Lifeline and others in the field, including those personally impacted by suicide, to identify outcomes, milestones and investment drivers needed for a National Suicide Prevention Plan. Suicide Prevention Australia believes this work should inform the Government commitment in the Fifth National Mental Health Plan Consultation Draft 2016, to “developing a whole-of-government national suicide prevention plan.”

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About Suicide Prevention Australia (SPA): SPA provides national leadership for the suicide prevention sector in Australia. SPA works collaboratively to develop a community that knows how to ask for help and how to give help.  As the lead agency of the National Suicide Prevention Coalition, we build and facilitate partnerships to change attitudes and seek to harness the voices of professionals and those with lived experience of suicide.

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