Peak body welcomes suicide prevention focus in Fifth Plan and calls for further depth and diversity in implementation

4 August 2017


4 August 2017:  Suicide Prevention Australia CEO Sue Murray said of the Fifth Plan launched by Government today, “We have seen unprecedented political support for suicide prevention this year, most notably consultation on the Fifth National Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Plan. We welcome suicide prevention being recognised as a key pillar in the plan and remain steadfast in our commitment to community sector and lived experience voices across the country being heard when it comes to implementation.”

She goes on to say: “It is particularly pleasing to see recognition of the need to bring other portfolio areas, not just health, into the discussion and implementation of the Plan. We must address the complexity of suicide as a serious public health issue and invest in a national plan that stays true to regional delivery and person-centred care coupled with national leadership and accountability.”

Suicide Prevention Australia will be providing the Government with a 2025 Strategic Framework for Suicide Prevention, developed by the community sector through State based consultations, to support implementation of the Fifth Plan and ensure the depth and diversity needed to address the complex social problem of suicide is included in implementation.

The Strategic Framework for Suicide Prevention advocates for the following outcomes to deliver a downward trajectory in suicide rates:

  1. A whole system approach to suicide prevention
  2. Sustainable infrastructure and workforce capacity and capability
  3. A whole of community support and engagement model
  4. A ‘Person centric’ and integrated approach in service delivery
  5. Quality assurance of services through national standards
  6. A robust ‘Knowledge to Practice to Knowledge’ system.

Overview of 2025 Strategic Framework for Suicide Prevention consultation process:

In February 2017, a National Coalition for Suicide Prevention workshop, convened by Suicide Prevention Australia (SPA), initiated discussion on a 2025 framework for suicide prevention. This builds on the Government commitment in the Fifth National Mental Health Plan Consultation Draft 2016, “developing a whole-of-government national suicide prevention plan’’. 

The discussion at the workshop outlined a proposed strategic framework to lead to a reduction in the national suicide rate in Australia. SPA developed this further through a series of statewide community sector consultations involving the National Coalition for Suicide Prevention, SPA organisational and associate members, leading associations in mental health and suicide prevention, SPA’s national Lived Experience Network, the Federal Department of Health, Primary Health Networks, and leading researchers in the field. The final document will be presented to Government following review by SPA this month.

SPA will continue to advocate for suicide prevention plans developed at all levels to be mandated by a National Suicide Prevention Act and success measured by a National Office for Suicide Prevention.

About Suicide Prevention Australia (SPA): SPA provides national leadership for the suicide prevention sector in Australia. SPA works collaboratively to develop a community that knows how to ask for help and how to give help. 

We build and facilitate partnerships to change attitudes and harness the voices of professionals and those with lived experience of suicide attempts and suicide.

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