SPA Executives give evidence at Senate Select Committee Public Hearing on Health

28 August 2015

The Select Committee on Health has been established to inquire into and report on health policy, administration and expenditure, with particular reference to:

a. the impact of reduced Commonwealth funding for hospital and other health services provided by state and territory governments, in particular, the impact on elective surgery and emergency department waiting times, hospital bed numbers, other hospital related care and cost shifting;
b. the impact of additional costs on access to affordable healthcare and the sustainability of Medicare;
c. the impact of reduced Commonwealth funding for health promotion, prevention and early intervention;
d. the interaction between elements of the health system, including between aged care and health care;
e. improvements in the provision of health services, including Indigenous health and rural health;
f. the better integration and coordination of Medicare services, including access to general practice, specialist medical practitioners, pharmaceuticals, optometry, diagnostic, dental and allied health services;
g. health workforce planning; and
h. any related matters.

On behalf of the Lived Experience Network and with feedback from members, the Leadership Group attended a Public Hearing and also made a submission into the inquiry. The finalised submission can be read here.