SPA member Movember Foundation Australia releases suicide attempt survivor inspired video

6 September 2016

In support of R U OK? Day and World Suicide Prevention Day this week, SPA member Movember Foundation Australia have launched a campaign called 'Men, we need to talk.' This campaign, including a video inspired by suicide attempt survivors released today, encourages men to talk when things get tough. It asks men across the globe to reach out, take action, and look after themselves and each other.

Sharing stories of hope, recovery and resilience is so important but we also recognise that this clip may make for emotionally tough viewing so please take care when watching. Reach out to a trusted family member or friend to talk about how you're feeling if you need to or have a chat to one of the services our partners in Australia offer.

Suicide Prevention Australia is honoured to be involved in this project alongside our colleagues from Mindframe National Media Initiative, both to connect Movember Foundation to the amazing men featured in the campaign from our Lived Experience Network and friends from across the globe, as well as advise on duty of care throughout the project.

Many thanks to Movember Foundation for standing with us to prevent suicide and and sharing their passion for increasing individual and community conversations about mental health. 

Visit 'Men, we need to talk' website for more information on the campaign and their mental health and suicide prevention programs.