SPA releases snapshot of major party support against key suicide prevention asks

30 June 2016

Earlier in the election campaign, we wrote to all parties and candidates with actions they can take to ensure election promises translate into sustainable change in Government and community. We published an Election Manifesto for Suicide Prevention setting out essential first steps required to provide leadership and commitment to help people stay alive.
On our Federal Election webpage we have also summarised key statements from major parties as well as those of our members and colleagues.
To assist all of you voting in the election, we have published a one page snapshot of how the major parties have responded to our key asks.
Thank you as always for your support. We know that election campaigning is just another step in the long journey to building a community that knows how to give help and get help. We are pleased to see bipartisan support for suicide prevention and mental health and will continue to advocate for sustainable change as we move from this stage to a new Government’s first 100 days of action and beyond.
 Many voices working toward one goal can make a real difference.


30 June 2016
Australians are demanding action to prevent suicides. Thousands of lives depend on election promises being translated into sustainable change in Government and community. Our Federal Election Manifesto for Suicide Prevention sets out essential first steps for the incoming Government.