Suicide Prevention Australia announces new CEO, Susan Murray

2 November 2011

Research, programs and innovative technologies emerging from Australian suicide prevention sector were the focus of the National Suicide Prevention Conference held in October, which proved to be a two-day crash course of the sector for Suicide Prevention Australia’s new Chief Executive Officer, Sue Murray.

The appointment marks a new era for the organisation, which farewells outgoing CEO Ryan McGlaughlin who served both the organisation and sector with unwavering passion and dedication for 8 years.
Sue has spent her first few weeks as CEO talking extensively with key sector players in an effort to better understand key issues, and what the sector wants from Suicide Prevention Australia as the national peak body.

“Ultimately I would like to see Suicide Prevention Australia become a driver for new and coordinated research, policy and communication throughout the sector. Having attended the conference and had conversations with many key players, it’s clear that there is a space for Suicide Prevention Australia to become a hub for coordination and resource sharing,” Sue said.