Suicide Prevention Australia Chair Announcement

2 February 2018

Dear Colleagues
As you will be aware SPA has been given the responsibility to manage the Government’s investment in the National Research Fund dedicated to suicide prevention, incorporating The Suicide Prevention Hub: best practice programs and services. This has added an important dimension to our strategic focus of quality improvement in suicide prevention.
This is a significant piece of work that needs to be managed alongside the existing work we do for our Members and colleagues to advance the capability of the sector towards the prevention of suicide. To support this, we have introduced a new role of Research Fund Director, for which we undertook an extensive recruitment process.
I am delighted to announce that the person who introduced the concept of the dedicated suicide prevention research fund, and led the campaign to get it funded, will continue to be a driving force for the fund. Congratulations to Sue Murray, our new Research Fund Director.
We are so pleased that Sue has accepted this exciting new role, but it does mean we had to accept her resignation as CEO. We are working with a recruitment agency to finalise the CEO recruitment process, which will begin in early February, and will be in touch with more detail shortly. In the meantime, I welcome any thoughts and suggestions you have on potential candidates for this role. Go to the CEO advertisement.
Existing staff in the SPA office will continue with minor changes in roles to ensure continuity of current projects and Member support. Deputy CEO Kim Borrowdale, known to many of you in her four years working for Suicide Prevention Australia, has agreed to take on the Acting CEO role with support from Sue during the recruitment period. The Board is confident these transition arrangements will ensure leadership continuity and operational consistency for our Members.
Matthew Tukaki
Suicide Prevention Australia