Tayla's Challenge

27 August 2017

“In April 1999, I lost my father to suicide. Those close to him knew him as a happy, loving father, partner and friend, and his death was both unexpected and devastating for all.

When I was around 13 years old, my mother sat me down and told me his story to try to help me understand how he passed. The following teenage years were long and very dark. I slipped into a depression that felt inescapable. But in between, were moments with my mum, with my grandmother and family when I realised just how incredible life can be. I reached out to the wonderful suicide support organisations, with the help of Suicide Prevention Australia, such as beyond blue and Lifeline, and received the help I needed.  I pushed through and am now a more positive, happy person, striving to give back in any way I can, to make a difference, and to see a world without suicide.

I was absolutely amazed and inspired by the fantastic support of the close friends and relatives who knew my story and helped me in my endeavours to give back and raise awareness to help others. I was also delighted by the support and contact from SPA during every step of my fundraising journey. This has been my first fundraising experience and it was amazing to reach, and then exceed, my goal.

I’d recommend to everyone to take on their own challenge and reach out to all the people you know – every dollar can go a long way to helping such a worthy charity.  Every bit of support can help another person who’s struggling.”

To find out how you too can get involved and make a difference, click here, or contact fundraising@suicidepreventionaust.org.

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