Tracey's story and our 2016 Tax Appeal

8 June 2016
Tracy Gale

Tracey Gale is a mother of three beautiful children and grandmother to two grandsons, from Rockhampton, QLD. Tracey survived a suicide attempt in 1997 and lost her brother to suicide in August 2015. Tracey said at the time she decided to take her life, “I felt alone and like I had nowhere to turn. I struggled with severe depression and desperately needed help.”

She found help through her community, receiving support from loving family and a kind friend who offered her a job. Tracey felt that someone had taken an interest in her life, it renewed her and gave her courage.

Suicide touched Tracey’s life again when her brother took his own life. As someone who had attempted suicide, the shock, grief, sadness and disbelief shook her. “To think my brother was in so much pain and didn’t seek help is devastating.”

Nearly two decades on, Tracey’s life journey and the loss of her brother ignited a drive in her to make a difference - to prevent suicides.
As a community, we all play an important role in suicide prevention in Australia, raising awareness, providing care and support to one another when confronted by challenges, and speaking out for the vulnerable.
For Tracey, the support she received from the community helped her to overcome these challenges. It empowered her to seek help.
“If only my brother had done the same.”
Support Suicide Prevention Australia by making a contribution this 2015-16 financial year ​and help us create a community that knows how to ask for help and how to give help.