Lived Experience Australia

Mentoring LE Workers – Beyond Supervision

Supervision for LE Workforce is becoming accepted as a means of supporting and building capacity for reflective practice and continuous improvement. With expectations clearly articulated in policy and funding documents, LE Expertise is needed at all levels of an organisation. So how do we support and mentor LE Workforce members to become leaders, representatives, and informed contributors at the executive and strategic governance levels? What does LE Governance look like and how do we maintain commitment to the values of what it means to be Peer?  


Safe and Inclusive care for older people who have come from a background of childhood trauma in ‘care’

Based on Dr Pat Deegan's Personal Medicine program, this webinar explores the things that we can do that enhances our wellbeing. In the health sector, many clients/consumers will be from a complex trauma background, as will many of your volunteers. Understanding people's history and experiences is critical to being able to provide support while also ensuring environments are 'safe and inclusive' in accordance with a person's background and needs. This webinar explores safe and inclusive care with a focus on older people who have come from a background of childhood trauma in ‘care’. The webinar is for those working in health and mental health care such as aged care providers, social workers, allied health staff, mental health providers, and hospital staff


Dual experience (consumer/carer) lived experience work

This webinar focuses on ‘care leavers’, but information is transferable to people from similar traumas. Often when a person has lived experience of being both a consumer and a carer, they must select which experience they will 'use' in their work. The challenges and limitations of this binary will be explored. The webinar will conclude with reasons why a third category of lived experience needs to be defined: that of dual experience.