Survivors & Mates Support Network

Supporting Male Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

Holiday Inn Parramatta 18-40 Anderson Street, Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia

Survivors& Mates SupportNetwork (SAMSN) is committed to supporting men who were sexually abused when they were boys or adolescents. SAMSN recognises the challenges that family members and friends of survivors can experience when trying to support their loved-ones. This workshop provides a safe space for partners, family and friends, as well as adult male survivors, to discuss commonly faced issues and what assists recovery and healing. This day-long workshop will cover: Understanding the dynamics, impacts & ripple effects of child sexual abuse Exploring the needs of supporters & survivors The SAMSN journey & learnings in assisting survivors and their loved ones. There will be time for questions, comments and discussion. This workshop will be supported by SAMSN's experienced facilitators.