Professor Don Nutbeam

Professor Don Nutbeam is a Professor of Public Health at the University of Sydney, and a Senior Advisor at the Sax Institute. He is a public health scientist with research interests in the social and behavioural determinants of health, and in the development and evaluation of public health interventions. He is widely published and cited on these subjects.

Professor Nutbeam’s career has spanned positions in universities, government, health services and an independent health research institute. He was previously Vice-Chancellor (President) of the University of Southampton, UK (2009-15), Academic Provost at the University of Sydney (2006-9) and has also served as the Head of Public Health in the UK Department of Health (2000-2003). He has worked as an advisor and consultant on public health issues for the World Health Organisation for over 30 years, and as consultant and team leader in health system capacity development projects for the World Bank.