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Suicide Prevention Australia (SPA) key role is to build and facilitate partnerships to reduce suicide, bringing together Not-for-Profits, Governments, Primary Health Networks, business, community and lived experience to make a collective impact.


24 March 2017

Yesterday I attended Mental Health Australia’s Parliament Advocacy Day. Alongside Suicide Prevention Australia (SPA) Members and friends, I used this platform to add to the growing momentum for ourStrategic Framework for Suicide Prevention. It is essential that suicide prevention remains a key priority on the mental health agenda and that development and implementation of this national plan happens as a matter of urgency.

22 March 2017

“With ABS data telling us that that suicide has increased 43% in ten years, we commend our colleagues from Lifeline for sharing the call from everyday Australians to put a plan in place to turn around this heartbreaking upwards trend devastating individuals, families and whole communities.”

16 March 2017

16 March 2017, Hobart:  Suicide Prevention Australia today hosted an opportunity for the community sector and members of the public who have been personally impacted by suicide to contribute to the 2025 Strategic Framework for Suicide Prevention.