Before you get involved

Talking about suicide, sharing your insights, learning about research, policy and programs, and so on, can be an incredibly rewarding, healing and hopeful experience but it can also be emotionally and mentally draining and can have an impacts on your physical and emotional wellbeing.

We recommend having a think if this is a good time for you to get involved. Download the Thinking About Your Readiness to be Involved.

Listen to a short podcast by one of our Ambassadors and Lived Experience Network advisors, Lauren on the subject or download a copy of the guide here.​

Having an active self-care plan can also help you manage your wellbeing. Read more about self-care in our 'Guide to self care'.

Members of the Lived Experience Network have told us how important thoughtful language is when talking about suicide and suicide prevention. Read more on Talking About Suicide - A Guide to Language.

If you are recruited by the Suicide Prevention Australia team to participate in an opportunity presented by us or one of our Member Organisations, we will support you through this experience and encourage you to continually assess your personal readiness to be involved and self care plans in place. If you would like to discuss getting more involved in future projects or have a talk with our Lived Experience Manager, Tracy, about some of the past opportunities we have offered, please get in touch.