Driving the National Policy Agenda

Suicide Prevention Australia provides is a strong national voice, on behalf of those affected by suicide and those working to prevent and/or respond to suicide in the Australian community. Members play a vital role in fulfilling this and help ensure the representation of diverse experiences and views of Australians. 

A big part of the work we do for our members is work to influence policy. This includes:

  • Working with Government to ensure suicide prevention remains a core priority
  • Presenting decision makers with collective opinions and advice from our Members
  • Coordinating and publishing positions to call for public debate and action
  • Increasing participation in suicide prevention at local, state and national levels.

How we do this

Suicide Prevention Australia faciltates a Policy Committee made up of Board Directors and Member elected representatives. 

The Policy Committee provides SPA with a mechanism to integrate policy activity to its governance processes and strengthen the strategic orientation of policy activity, as well as provide greater transparency within SPA regarding policy priority setting, performance and outcomes. The primary role of the Committee is to provide advice to the Board and to and support SPA staff with the implementation of chosen policy priorities and to ensure sound policy processes and operating.

SPA Policy Committee Members

  • Mr Stan Piperoglou (Chair) *
  • Mr Nicolas Brown (Batyr)
  • Mr John Dalgleish (yourtown)
  • Ms Debbie Evans (Lifeline Tasmania)
  • Mr Jorgen Gullestrup (Mates in Construction)
  • Ms Jacinta Hawgood (AISRAP)*
  • Mr Trevor Hazell (Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health)
  • Mr Graeme Holdsworth (Lived Experience Network)
  • Ms Fiona Kalaf (Youth Focus).

*SPA Board member

Read the Committee Terms of Reference here.

SPA Policy Activities

The Committee undertakes a number of activities relating to policy development including:

  • Overseeing the collection and collation of Member input on policy issues;
  • Definition of expertise, especially lived experience, and incorporation of this to policy processes
  • Preparation and dissemination of policy related documents (Position Statements, Discussion Papers, for example)
  • Harnessing research and expert opinion on issues, and translating this to policy implications
  • Monitoring the program and service environment for its performance and sustainability

The Committee ensures that, as a Member organisation, SPA engages comprehensively with its membership and stakeholder environment in its policy activities.

The Committee has agreed on a Work Plan and advises of the ongoing need to capture member input on policy issues in order to advise the work of the Committee.

Browse existing SPA Position Statements.

Browse Member Statements on Marriage Equality. 

Get in touch with us 

Contact the SPA team on (02) 9262 1130 or admin@suicidepreventionaust.org