The Innovation Research Grant

In line with the priorities and objectives of the Suicide Prevention Research Fund, the Innovation Research Grant supports research which will enable one of more of the following:

  • generate new knowledge about suicidal behaviour
  • provide greater insights on the interruption or prevention of suicidal behaviour
  • to explore new ways or improved practices in suicide prevention
  • undertake the testing and piloting of new services and programs for suicide prevention
  • provide meaningful relationships between research and the application to services and program innovation

This grant is intended to be used to enable the recipient to position him/herself or a team to competitively apply for more substantial research funding that would further advance understanding of suicidal behaviour and prevention.

This grant program seeks to fund research where the research objectives are more exploratory in nature or more developmental in design.

The research topic and objectives should clearly describe the nature of the innovation being explored. The conceptual and design rigor of the research methods should demonstrate how knowledge will be generated to break new ground or form different understandings about suicidal behaviour and suicide prevention.

Who should apply?

Australian researchers at all stages of their career conducting research in Australia for the benefit of Australians.

Award value

Innovation Grant funding level The total grant value is up to $100,000.
Innovation Grant funding duration and commencement date Funding will be available for projects of a duration of up to two years.

The funding commencement date is between 1 January and 31 March of the year following the award.

Application process

Stage 1: Innovation Research Grant EOI submitted to Suicide Prevention Australia (by closing date)

Stage 2: EOIs considered by reviewers using a standardised assessment process

Stage 3: Selected EOI applicants invited to complete application for Innovation Research Grant (by closing date)

Stage 4: Selected applications considered by reviewers using a standardised assessment process

Stage 5: Selected applications considered by Research Advisory Committee for recommendation to Suicide Prevention Australia Board

Stage 6: Suicide Prevention Australia Board considers final recommendations

Key dates

Round 1 - Expression of Interest Opened
Round 1 - Invited applications Opened
Round 2 - Expression of Interest Opened
15 May 2019
15 June 2019
Round 2 - Invited applications Opens
15 August 2019
15 September 2019
Round 3 - Expression of Interest Opens
Late 2019
Round 3 - Invited applications Opens

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the character limits noted within the EOI form inclusive or exclusive of spaces?

The character limits noted within the EOI form are exclusive of spaces.

What are the roles of the project team members?

  • Applicant – the applicant is the person writing and submitting the application.
  • Supervisor – the supervisor is the person providing supervision over the project to ensure quality. Note – a supervisor is not required where there is no student researcher on the team.
  • Lead investigator – the lead investigator is the person leading the investigations. Note – this section is not applicable where the applicant is also the lead investigator.
  • Co-investigator(s) – details of any additional investigators on the project team. Note – there may be more than one co-investigator.

Are Organisations with research facilities but are not listed as an Administering Institution for ARC or NHMRC able to apply directly?

Applications must be submitted through a listed Administering Institution for ARC or NHMRC.


If you have enquiries regarding the research grant program please contact Suicide Prevention Australia on +61 (2) 9262 1130 or email