The Innovation Research Grant

In line with the priorities of the Suicide Prevention Research Fund, the Innovation Research Grant supports research which will enable one or more of the following objectives:

  1. The generation of new knowledge about suicidal behaviour;
  2. The provision of greater insights on the interruption or prevention of suicidal behaviour;
  3. The exploration of new ways or improved practices in suicide prevention;
  4. The undertaking of the testing and piloting of new services and programs for suicide prevention;
  5. The provision of meaningful relationships between research and the application to services and program innovation.

This grant is intended to enable the successful project team to position themselves to competitively apply for research funding which will would further advance understanding of suicidal behaviour and prevention.

This grant program seeks to fund research where the research objectives are more exploratory in nature or more developmental in design.

The proposed research should clearly describe the objectives and nature of the innovation being explored. The conceptual and design rigor of the research methods should demonstrate how knowledge will be generated to break new ground or form different understandings about suicidal behaviour and suicide prevention.

Who should apply?

The Innovation Research Grant supports researchers at all stages of their career.

Award value

Funding level The total grant value is up to $100,000.
Funding duration Funding will be available for projects of a duration of one to two years.
Funding commencement date The funding commencement date for recipients must occur by 30 June 2020.

Application process

Stage 1: Applications submitted to Suicide Prevention Australia (by closing date)

Stage 2: Applications assessed by Reviewers using a standardised process

Stage 3: Assessed applications shortlisted by Reviewers using a standardised process

Stage 4: Shortlisted applications considered by Research Advisory Committee for recommendation to Suicide Prevention Australia Board

Stage 5: Suicide Prevention Australia Board considers final recommendations

Key dates

Application Period Open
19 November 2019
7 February 2020


If you have enquiries regarding the research grant program please contact Suicide Prevention Australia on +61 (2) 9262 1130 or email