About the PhD Scholarship

Suicide Prevention Research Fund PhD Scholarship

The PhD Scholarship provides funding for successful applicants to attain a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

The PhD Scholarship is a funding agreement between Suicide Prevention Australia and the applicant’s Administering Institution (a University in Australia).

The PhD Scholarship aims to support outstanding graduates who are at the early part of their research career. The Scholarship supports research relevant to all aspects of suicide prevention and to develop a capacity for original independent research within Australia.

What do we look for in PhD Scholarship applications?

Hear from Professor Myf Maple, deputy chair of the Suicide Prevention Australia Research Advisory Committee, on what we look for in PhD Scholarship applications:

Hear from Dr Katie McGill with further information on the Suicide Prevention Australia PhD scholarship application process:



The PhD Scholarship aims to:

  1. Support excellent clinical and applied research for those undertaking research in the suicide prevention field
  2. Advance promising early career researchers and promote enhanced opportunities for diverse career pathways
  3. Enable research and research training in high quality and supportive environments
  4. Expand Australia’s knowledge base and research capability; and
  5. Enhance the scale and focus of research relevant to the Suicide Prevention Research Fund priorities

To apply for the Suicide Prevention Research Fund PhD Scholarship please click here: https://www.suicidepreventionaust.org/quality-innovation-research/research-grants/phd-scholarships/apply/


The Allison Milner Memorial Scholarship

The Allison Milner Memorial Scholarship was established by MATES in Construction to honour the legacy of Associate Professor Allison Milner. Allison served as the National Academic Director of MATES from 2013 until her untimely passing in 2019. She was a prolific researcher who championed efforts to curtail the high suicide rate among workers – predominantly men- in blue collar industries. This scholarship is an important avenue through which talented and dedicated PhD candidates can be supported to continue the research highly valued by Allison, and the MATES team. The scholarship funds PhD research that addresses suicide prevention initiatives in male dominated, blue collar industries within Australia.

MATES and SPA jointly recognise that a pool of talented and capable applicants will apply for this scholarship. Applicants who are unsuccessful for the Allison Milner Memorial Scholarship will be reviewed and assessed by the SPA Research Advisory Committee for the SPA PhD scholarship.

To apply for the Allison Milner Memorial Scholarship please click here: https://mates.org.au/phd-scholarships

Who should apply?

Applicants who wish to attain a research focussed PhD in suicide prevention.

Award value

PhD Scholarship funding level The total grant value is up to $108,000.
PhD Scholarship funding duration and commencement date The funding is for a three year full-time equivalent position with provision for up to five years for career disruption.

The funding commencement date for scholarship recipients must occur within 3 months of execution of funding agreement.

Application process

Stage Actions
1 PhD Scholarship application submitted to Suicide Prevention Australia (by closing date)
2 Applications considered by reviewers using a standardised assessment process
3 Selected applications considered by reviewers using a standardised assessment process
4 Selected applications considered by Research Advisory Committee for recommendation to Suicide Prevention Australia Board
5 Suicide Prevention Australia Board considers final recommendations


If you have enquiries regarding the research grant program please contact Suicide Prevention Australia on +61 (2) 9262 1130 or email sprf@suicidepreventionaust.org