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Incorporating Lived Experience Applications for funding through the Suicide Prevention Research Fund seeks the incorporation of lived experience and as a result the inclusion of new knowledge that is co-created with lived experience.

Information is provided to assist the applicant with this process and can be found here.

Research Priorities Researchers seeking funding will be asked to submit applications that address the following priority areas:

1. What works to prevent suicide and suicidal behaviour? For whom? Why? Studies of indicated, selective and universal interventions will be considered, with particular emphasis being given to studies of indicated interventions. Studies employing any type of research design will be considered, providing they can yield meaningful data on effectiveness and, where possible, cost-effectiveness.
2. What factors are protective against suicide? What are the mechanisms by which these protective factors operate? How might we bolster these protective factors for individuals in different communities and/or from different target groups and/or social and cultural backgrounds? Again, studies employing any type of research design will be considered, providing they can yield meaningful data on protective factors and their promotion.

For further reading please see the full Research Priorities in Suicide Prevention report.

How to Apply 1. Review the application guidelines
2. Review the application checklist
3. Complete application form in your preferred format
4. Cross reference the application guidelines and checklist to ensure you have addressed all criteria
5. Submit the application and supporting documentation to by 11:59pm (AEST) on 03 April 2020. 
Contact If you have enquiries regarding the PhD Scholarship application process please contact Suicide Prevention Australia on +61 (2) 9262 1130 or email