About the Post-Doctoral Fellowship

The Post-Doctoral Fellowship provides funding for successful applicants, who have already attained a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), to further their research career.

The Post-Doctoral Fellowship aims to build research capacity in the following:

i. studies of indicated, selective and universal interventions will be considered, with particular emphasis being given to studies of indicated interventions. Studies employing any type of research design will be considered, providing they can yield meaningful data on effectiveness and, where possible, cost-effectiveness.

ii. the protective factors against suicide and the mechanisms by which these protective factors operate. Studies employing any type of research design will be considered, providing they can yield meaningful data on protective factors and their promotion.


The Post-Doctoral Fellowship aims to:

1. Develop and expand evidence to support innovative interventions across the spectrum of suicide prevention
2. Foster the expansion and development of research leadership in suicide prevention
3. Enhance the scale and focus of research relevant to the Suicide Prevention Research Fund priorities
4. Contribute to the evidence base to inform and improve future services, systems and policies related to suicide prevention in Australia.

Who should apply?

Researchers who are up to five years post-doctoral study and who can demonstrate the following:

  • Record of contributing to quality publications
  • Capacity for leadership in the suicide prevention research field
  • Commitment to the application of their research, and
  • Articulation of a career development strategy that has relevance to suicide and its prevention

Award value

Post-Doctoral Fellowship funding level The total grant value is up to $300,000.
Post-Doctoral Fellowship funding duration and commencement date The funding is for a two year full-time equivalent position with provision for up to four years where there is career interruption with prior agreement from Suicide Prevention Australia.

The funding commencement date for Post-Doctoral Fellowship recipients is as soon after the award has been announced and subsequent contractual arrangements have been completed but no later than 1 January of 2021. However, exceptions will be made in the current challenging circumstances on a case by case basis.

Application process

Stage Actions
1 Post-Doctoral Fellowship application submitted to Suicide Prevention Australia (by closing date)
2 Applications considered by reviewers using a standardised assessment process
3 Selected applications considered by reviewers using a standardised assessment process
4 Selected applications considered by Research Advisory Committee for recommendation to Suicide Prevention Australia Board
5 Suicide Prevention Australia Board considers final recommendations

Key dates

Application period 06 April 2020 - 18 May 2020


If you have enquiries regarding the research grant program please contact Suicide Prevention Australia on +61 (2) 9262 1130 or email sprf@suicidepreventionaust.org