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Alan Woodward

Strategic Advisor, Quality & Innovation

Alan has worked in the fields of mental health, crisis support and suicide prevention for 20 years as an executive leader, a service and program developer, a researcher and as an expert advisor to governments and peak bodies.

Prior to joining SPA, Alan worked for Lifeline Australia in various executive roles for 14 years. During this time he established and grew the Lifeline Research Foundation function to inform service improvement and contribute new knowledge to Lifeline’s pursuit of an Australia free of suicide, and overhauled the Lifeline Accreditation and Standards Program governing the network of Lifeline Centres.

Alan is a Member of the NSW Mental Health Commission Community Advisory Council and a former Director of SPA and President of the Australian Evaluation Society. He’s a co-convenor of the International Association for Suicide Prevention Helplines Special Interest Group and has participated in the steering committee for the World Alliance of Crisis Helplines.

Alan holds a Masters Degree in Social Science and Policy, a Business Degree in Public Administration and a Diploma in Arts/Communications. Alan is a PhD Candidate through the Centre for Mental Health at the University of Melbourne, undertaking research on the experience and impact of Lifeline telephone crisis line on callers using a longitudinal study of a cohort of callers.