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Hanna Kilada

Finance & Administration

As a dedicated and detail-oriented CPA,  Hanna has been meeting the needs of many companies for over 15 years. Her focus on timely, efficient, accurate and meaningful reporting means that she is always looking for ways to make improvements and as such, has implemented change in many of the organisations in which she has worked and which have significantly impacted the way the financials have been reported and interpreted.

Her passion and persistence in understanding the ‘why’ has meant that the ‘right’ information is being captured and reported, allowing the organisation to focus on the right business levers to achieve its financial objectives.

Often running a tight schedule in order to meet never-ending deadlines both internally and externally, Hanna enjoys escaping the rat race whenever possible and volunteers as an active member of her local church. She relaxes by creating artistic pieces using recycled products which are then sold to raise money for worthy charities.