Stuart O’Neill

Biography: Based on Stuart’s lived experience with deep depression and multiple suicide plans, Stuart began to realise each time he was almost at the end, that he always found a reason to live. A pattern continued whereby it became noticeable to him that having Just One Reason was enough to get him through his darkest moments.

This pattern seeded the concept of Just One Reason as a suicide survival toolkit. Based entirely on his lived experience Stuart wrote Just One Reason with several strategies in play for the book to be very user friendly.

Since being released in August 2020, Just One Reason is now into its 5th reprint and is a go-to resource for 1000’s of families and is widely used by clinicians, schools, hospitals, emergency services & Indigenous communities and state government health departments. Stuart regularly gives powerful talks to groups of all sizes and is highly regarded for the immediate impact he has on his audience.