Myfanwy Maple (Prof)

Myfanwy Maple is one of Australia’s few internationally recognised experts in suicide bereavement.

Her PhD – ‘Parental Portraits of Suicide: Narrating the loss of a young adult child’ – was the first in Australia to examine the journey of parental suicide grief through their own narratives. This allowed for a deeper knowledge of the experiences and needs of suicide bereaved parents which positively influenced development of service provision to those bereaved by suicide.

Myf has since extended this work within the field of suicide bereavement by challenging its focus on immediate kin, to explore other groups and individuals affected after a suicide death, exposure to suicide attempts, and those with lived experience. This has led to new partnerships exploring the experience of trauma and loss on young people, who are at risk of suicide and experiencing high levels of psychological distress, while being marginalised from mainstream society.

Professor Maple’s standing in the field has been nationally recognised through her election to the Board of Directors of Suicide Prevention Australia, and was awarded the inaugural Suicide Prevention Australia Emerging Researcher Award in 2007. Myf is currently Professor of Social Work, and Chair of Research, in the School of Health at the University of New England, located in Armidale in Northern New South Wales. Professor Maple is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.