Workplace Giving

Did you know that every month, a growing number of supporters make a small donation directly from their salary to help halve suicides in Australia? 

Did you know that by doing so, they save time, money and hassle?

And in doing so, their impact is even greater!

What is Workplace Giving?

Workplace giving is when employees make donations to charities, directly from their salary, before tax. Some employers even match the donations, so your donation is effectively doubled. It’s a powerful, painless way to use your pre-tax dollars to support a cause that you’re passionate about.

How does it work?

People give for different reasons. It might be that you’ve recently been touched by suicide, or it’s a response to a loss in your community. Whatever the reason, it’s a perfect way to make a difference and the world a better place.

Non-profit organisation Good2Give provides back office administration, streamlined accounting and monthly donation distribution minimising costs for charities, donors and employers.  Good2Give makes it easy for you to help change the world through Workplace Giving.

Benefits to you

  • Your donation happens automatically every month (or fortnight) so you don’t have to think about it
  • It’s easy to set up
  • You can start, change (or stop) your donation easily
  • You receive your tax deduction immediately, so there’s no need to save receipts to claim at tax time
  • Your workplace may have a matching program in place, so your donation is effectively doubled
  • You have total control
  • You can make ongoing and one-time donations (for special fundraising events) from your pay
  • Your generosity can be supercharged by your employer matching your gift
  • No more debit or credit cards to manage your donations
  • You can make a donation from your PC, tablet or mobile

Benefits to your workplace

  • Employers can supercharge company giving by matching staff donations
  • Makes it easy for companies to be good corporate citizens
  • They can support causes that are important to their employees
  • Creates a positive community spirit within a company
  • It is the most efficient way to connect employees, employers and charities

Benefits to Suicide Prevention Australia

  • Highly cost effective means for SPA to raise funds
  • Regular donations are vital to Suicide Prevention Australia to help build long term sustainability. Don’t underestimate the impact that your regular donation can make.
  • With a workplace giving program, even the smallest donations make a difference.
  • Your donation dollars go further because Good2Give handles the administration.

What happens to your donation

Unlike many ‘for-profit’ companies that operate in the charity space, Good2Give is not-for-profit so you can rest assured that donations to charities will be optimised. Good2Give’s back office support saves charities hundreds of hours in administration time, making your donation dollars go further. Visit the Info Hub to learn more about Good2Give.