World Suicide Prevention Day: 10 September

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We all have a role to play in preventing suicide

Join us this September as we rally together for World Suicide Prevention Day on Sunday, September 10th. This powerful day of global observance brings together over 60 countries, uniting us in our shared mission to promote stigma reduction, advocate for policy change, encourage help seeking, and honour the memories of those lost to suicide, those who have survived suicide attempts, and those who bear the weight of grief. 

This year, we are continuing our theme of “We all have a role to play,” echoing the International Association for Suicide Prevention’s (IASP) overarching theme of “Creating hope through action.” In this spirit, we stand united in our commitment to reduce suicide, empowering individuals with the confidence to take action. 

In Australia alone, nearly 10 million people have been affected by suicide, which equates to almost half of our nation. At Suicide Prevention Australia, we firmly believe that every single person can play a role in preventing suicide, not only on World Suicide Prevention Day but every day of the year. 

Together, let’s embrace our collective responsibility, champion hope and take meaningful action to save lives.  

Take action

We are pleased to share some tips from our Lived Experience Panel members Lidia De Lembo, Mark Davis and Glenn Cotter for World Suicide Prevention Day. These videos share their personal journeys, providing invaluable insights into the challenges faced by those bereaved by suicide, shedding light on the struggles associated with stigma and how to reach out for support. Their stories offer hope, resilience, and practical advice on how to support your community.  

We extend our gratitude to our Lived Experience Panel members for their unwavering dedication, vulnerability, and willingness to share their experiences. Their contribution highlights the importance of recognising and honouring the lived experiences of individuals affected by suicide this World Suicide Prevention Day, and how these stories can inspire compassion, understanding, and ultimately, save lives.

Download our Resources Pack

Suicide Prevention Australia has created a World Suicide Prevention Day resource pack to assist in raising awareness of the day and to promote our message of action “We all have a role to play”. The pack contains a variety of assets including a poster, Zoom background, email signature, website banner and several social media tiles. 

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Email Signature
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We all have a role to play
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Add your event!

We invite Suicide Prevention Australia members to promote their World Suicide Prevention Day activities on our Event Calendar. Whether you are organising a webinar, hosting activities, or looking for an event to attend, we encourage you to check out our calendar.