Suicide Prevention: A competency framework

Delivering Australia’s first national framework for suicide prevention in the workplace 

Suicide Prevention Australia, in collaboration with its members and stakeholders, have developed Suicide Prevention: A competency framework (the Framework) to enhance and build capacity, and capability of the non-clinical suicide prevention workforce to respond to people experiencing suicidal thoughts and behaviours. The Framework is informed by, and brings together, knowledge experts in workplace suicide prevention and suicide prevention training.

“People experiencing distress interact with workforces across various sectors, at different times and in different ways. Every contact that a person has with a department, service or individual worker is an opportunity to have a positive impact, ensuring they get the right supports at the right time.”

Christine Morgan, National Suicide Prevention Adviser

“There is also consideration needed to ensure resources are visible and applicable to a range of contexts. This includes workplaces and schools which were regarded in the research as being influential in shaping habits, experiences and behaviour that transcend into people’s lives more broadly.”


What is the Framework?

The Framework is a starting point for employers and staff to consider what they need to know to promote wellbeing and intervene effectively to reduce distress and suicidal behaviour in their workplace. There are suggestions on ways to adapt, tailor and apply the Framework to different working environments and roles.

The focus of the Framework

The Framework promotes a compassionate and collaborative focus to
reducing suicide risk in non-clinical workforces, and thereby the community.

We are striving to ensure that every person who needs support can access a consistent, high-quality, and safe standard of care.


If an organisation is unsure on how to implement the Framework in their workplace or wishes to discuss any aspects of the document, please contact Suicide Prevention Australia on or phone: 02 9262 1130.


Suicide Prevention: A competency framework for universities

We partnered with Universities Australia to create a suicide prevention competency framework for universities. We are proud to publish this  report in partnership with Universities Australia, who represent 39 member universities that educate 1.5 million students every year and employ over 100,000 staff. This important partnership provides a structure that enables early intervention for staff experiencing suicidal behaviour, staff or students with a lived experience of suicidal behaviour, and people studying who may experience struggles or factors that cause significant distress


We are striving to ensure that every person who needs support can access a consistent, high-quality, and safe standard of care.