New from 2024, Learnlinc is a comprehensive platform that aims to facilitate learning and skill development in the field of suicide prevention. It offers a range of resources and educational opportunities to individuals and organisations, enabling them to identify their learning needs, achieve learning goals, and apply that knowledge effectively in suicide prevention efforts. 

Participants have access to a variety of learning materials, both free and at a cost, including online courses, training videos, research papers, webinars, and Communities of Practice. These resources cater to different learning levels and specific roles within the suicide prevention field. The program was developed in collaboration with experts in suicide prevention, training platforms, and individuals with lived experience, ensuring the availability of diverse and high-quality learning options. 

Learnlinc encourages suicide prevention providers to promote their training and learning resources, creating a dynamic platform that shares the latest information and resources across the sector. It serves as a valuable tool for staff development, keeping individuals informed and promoting a flow of shared knowledge and experience. 

Similar to how workplaces have CPR or first-aid programs, Learnlinc offers a solution for upskilling in suicide prevention, allowing individuals and organisations to enhance their capabilities and contribute to Suicide Prevention Australia’s vision of preventing suicide. 


  • Access to comprehensive learning resources: including online courses, training videos, research papers, webinars, and Communities of Practice. These resources cover various aspects of suicide prevention and cater to different learning needs and levels, ensuring comprehensive access to valuable educational materials.
  • Customised learning pathways: tailored to different roles and priority populations within the suicide prevention field. This personalised approach allows individuals to focus on relevant areas of learning that directly align with their specific responsibilities and target audience.
  • Application of learning in real world context: Learnlinc not only facilitates learning but also emphasises the application of acquired knowledge needed in the real world. Through reflective learning activities and Communities of Practice, individuals can effectively apply what they have learned to their practical work in suicide prevention, enhancing their effectiveness and impact.
  • Collaboration and knowledge sharing: across the sector, promoting knowledge sharing, research, and individual development. It provides a platform for individuals and organisations to connect, exchange ideas, and learn from one another’s experiences, contributing to the collective growth and advancement of suicide prevention efforts.
  • Upskilling and staff development: staff members can enhance their skills and knowledge in suicide prevention, leading to improved performance, better outcomes, and a more supportive environment.
  • Safe, high-quality, and effective programs: Learnlinc connects with the Suicide Prevention Accreditation Program to ensure quality and evidence-informed learning options across suicide prevention. 


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Suicide prevention providers can have their training and learning resources added to the learning options within Learnlinc, thereby ensuring that the latest information is shared across organisations, to better support the Australian community.

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Further Information

To receive a license to access Learnlinc you will need to become either an organisational member, associate member, or a subscriber.

You can learn more about this and the cost involved here.

Learnlinc will launch 1st January 2024.

Created by Suicide Prevention Australia, in collaboration with experts in suicide prevention and suicide prevention training, it provides a place for individuals and organisations to identify and access a variety of learning options.

We are happy to meet via Teams, Zoom, or a phone call to showcase Learnlinc and discuss how it may benefit your organisation. Please email learninganddevelopment@suicidepreventionaust.org

“It is fantastic that Learnlinc is designed to support those currently working in the Suicide Prevention sector, as well as those with no previous experience. As an organisation working alongside the sector, Learnlinc provides us with a clear and easy to use pathway to make sure that all our staff have the fundamental skills needed for our suicide prevention projects.”

If you have any questions about Learnlinc, please contact Suicide Prevention Australia on learninganddevelopment@suicidepreventionaust.org or phone 02 9262 1130.

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