Rosiel Elwyn

Rosie’s Personal Story

Rosie’s message to others is to believe in your own power for healing, and your own possibility to heal. Know that others like you have found healing, re-connection to themselves others and the world, after their disconnection and pain. Others like you have found meaning after suicidal thoughts, surviving suicide and surviving suicide loss. We are writing our own futures that look so different from the beginning of our pain. Futures we could not have imagined, and futures that terrified us to think of. Know that it’s possible, and it’s possible for you. Know that you’re not beyond healing – you’re not beyond help, or too broken, or too different from those who have healed and those who will. All that you’ve survived, all that’s happened to you, the harms that have been done to you, and the pain or loss that you are feeling: isn’t what defines you or makes you who you are. You define you, and you decide who you are. Your story and survivorship is all your own. Healing can take place in the ‘smallest’ acts of self-compassion that build over time. In finding ways to make it easier between each breath until survival has to be thought about less. In talking and expressing yourself more and realising your voice is meaningful and deserves space. You are more powerful than you know, and you have the power to heal.

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