Tracy Monogatti

I am a qualified social worker and have worked in state and federal governments for over 20 years, providing support to the most vulnerable people in our communities. I never realised initially why I ventured into my chosen field. However, over the years, I have learned that my interest in helping others stems from my own personal experiences of adversity as a child and adult. My particular interest in suicide awareness and prevention has descended from having a parent who attempted to take their life when I was a young adult, and then later to my being a survivor of suicide. Mental illness has plagued my existence; from having a parent with ill-managed mental health issues which subsequently led to their abusive and violent behaviour towards family members, including myself, and then to myself. I was diagnosed with major depression, including postnatal depression, post traumatic stress disorder and alcohol use disorder. Coming through to the other side of life, where I have the personal resources to move forward and contribute my understandings of suicide and what helps to prevent it, is particularly empowering for me. I am a strong advocate for the improvement of workforce capability in programs and services that focus on, or in some way incorporate, suicide prevention. From my perspective, there is only one way, and that is forward.