Amanda Glenwright

Amanda Glenwright, currently serving as the General Manager for Health Services across Youturn, is a highly skilled healthcare professional with a Master’s in Health Management (Health Economics) from QUT. Specialising in strategic planning, program management, clinical governance, and healthcare research coordination, Amanda has made significant contributions to the field.

In her role at Youturn, Amanda leads strategic growth, overseeing a range of mental health programs and the national StandBy Support after Suicide program. She is dedicated to supporting vulnerable individuals through innovative approaches in mental health and suicide prevention.

With a passion for improving health systems, Amanda brings extensive experience in health policy, program design, and leadership in complex environments. Her academic journey includes a Bachelor of Nursing and a Master’s in Health Service Management. Her impactful work extends globally through collaborative publications and research projects implemented in hospitals. As a Consultant, she provided strategic advice to international entities.

Earlier roles at Central Queensland, Wide Bay, Sunshine Coast PHN, and the University of the Sunshine Coast showcased her expertise in program management, clinical governance, and research project coordination. A presenter at the International Federation of Ageing, Amanda focuses on Geriatric Emergency Department Intervention (GEDI). As a member of the International Health Economics Association, she actively contributes to advancing healthcare economics.

In summary, Amanda Glenwright is a dedicated healthcare professional, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to shape and improve healthcare systems, with her current role at Youturn focusing on enhancing mental health programs and supporting those affected by suicide through the StandBy program.