Targeted Research Grants

Targeted Research Grants

The Targeted Research Grants will support research partnerships between researchers in suicide prevention and suicide prevention/postvention programs and services to meet the objectives of the fund.

In view of current priorities for whole of government and whole of community approaches to suicide prevention, researchers are strongly encouraged to partner with organisations implementing suicide prevention or postvention programs and services in health and mental health, alcohol and other drugs, justice settings, children’s services, homelessness services, family violence, or within broader community-based settings

The Targeted Research Grants are intended to support larger-scale research collaborations, including multi-centre research and/or cross-jurisdiction projects which aim to evaluate suicide prevention interventions, and improve understanding of fidelity and scalability of programs within States and across jurisdictions.

The Targeted Research Grant Priorities are the following two specific areas of research:

  • Multi-site research to advance the evidence base for non-clinical alternatives to emergency departments and hospital-based care for people experiencing suicidal crisis or distress, for example “safe spaces” or similar models.
  • Multi-site research to advance the evidence base for aftercare approaches (assertive follow-up or care received by people following a suicide attempt or suicidal crisis), delivered across diverse locations and considering expanded entry points into the service and/or effectiveness for priority populations to inform best-practice implementation and scaling of the approach.

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